An original solution of two-function (convertible) checkout. Subject of the patent application. 


In this solution, the Spinakerr head, version 10UA, 10SA or 12A along with the cashier table DF, is installed in the MAGO MARK checkout, with cashier table - width 465mm. This allows the MARK checkout to be turned into a checkout with two operating modes, cashier and self-checkout.



Checkout equipped with Spinakerr DF is always open


• Possibility to mount a weihtscanner device

• Possibility of building-in an electrically locked gate (available from 01.11.2017)


Technical specifications:

• Register head: one of the three Spinakerr models: Spinakerr 10UA, 10SA or 12A 

• Switching mechanism with HT-MD01/2 controller, Mean Well RS-25-24 power supply

• Cash register movement through the signal from the cash register software and simultaneously with the monostable button (safety considerations)

• Self-checkout software and HT-Self Checkout/DF position control software

• Cashier software, customer-specific through the HT-Self Checkout/DF interface

• Control scale with capacity of 60 KG with HT Scale Controller – SC02/1 and Zemic L6G C3 sensor

• Vertical scanner, type area imager, with ZEBRA SE-3307SR-L000R mechanism